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Pictures I LOVE

Pictures I LOVE

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Rori needs!!!!

You Can Call Me Queen Bee- Modern Kids Tee


Ariel from The Little Mermaid | Hilarious Proof That Snapchat Can Turn Anyone Into A Disney Princess

haaha How horrible !!!!!!!!!!

Random Funny Pictures - 43 Pics


Oh my gosh this is one of the creepiest things I have ever seen, but I can't stop laughing!

Why, yes, this is exactly how I look when my alarm goes off.

When the alarm clock goes off…

Future me at the gym

29 Totally Badass Grandmas

Few things excite me more than Pinterest fails... This is for anyone who has tried the sock bun: If all else fails, sock bun-ify your cat.

11 Sock Buns That Went Beyond The Call Of Duty

I love children.

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100 Things to do before die "Bucket List"

How to pour wine.

Choose her personality.

can't stop laughing

“Mom, listen, I haven’t been together with Topanga for 22 years, but we have been together for 16. That’s a lot longer than most couples have been together. I mean, when we were born, you told me that we used to take walks in our strollers together around the block. When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, her favorite food. Then we became six, Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend that was a girl or even know a girl. So for the next seven years I threw dirt at her. I like to call those “the lost years”. Then when I was thirteen, mom, she put me up against my locker and she kissed me. I mean, she gave me my first kiss. She taught me how to dance. She always was talking about these crazy things and I never understood a word she said. All I understood was that she was the girl I sat up every night thinking about, and when I’m with her, I feel happy to be alive. Like I can do anything. Even talk to you like this. So that’s, that’s what I think is love, mom. When I’m better because she’s here.” - Cory Matthews, Boy Meets World


Its worth the read! Hahahahaha I wish I had the guts to do this to someone.

snapchats to guys VS snapchats to BFFs hahahaha

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Bowl cut mullet… dying