I have been accused of undermining and judging when I have asked questions.. Being curious is a good thing. I like to know what I'm being prescribed or why someone does or believes what they do. I don't care if I don't agree I'm just an interested person!

THE scent of the earth is moist and good In the dewy shade Of the tall, dark poplars whose slender tops Against the sunset bloom are laid, And a robin is whistling in the copse By the dim spruce wood. ~ L.M. Montgomery

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I need to repeat this to myself daily. My dreams scare the crap out of me, so they must be plenty big enough (that or I'm just scared of everything).

Where I've Never Been - Diane Arbus Quote

I love this quote because this was my perspective on life . I got bored with life one day and everything was stagnate. I put my applications in everywhere and anywhere and who ever hired me first was where I was going to go. That's how I ended up here. I

& the thing you wish to do is right, & you believe in it, go ahead & do it! Put your dream across, & never mind what & say if you meet with temporary defeat, for & perhaps, do not know that EVERY FAILURE BRINGS WITH IT THE SEED OF AN EQUIVALENT SUCCESS.&