Petra Vigano-Trivunov

Petra Vigano-Trivunov

Petra Vigano-Trivunov
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^this is my favorite mantra^ Chakra Meditation unlocks the goddess energy,power and purpose within you. It's simple, feels great and you will shine! Come learn how to meditate for beginners.

The seven Chakras ~ All is one  I am  ~  Root chakra Muladhara  I feel ~ Sacraal Chakra Svadisthana  I do ~ Manipura  I Love ~ Anahata  I speak ~Vishudda  I see ~ Anja  I understand ~Muladhara

love drawing quote text kawaii beautiful hipster words i do indie Grunge live flowers idea wise pastel star motto buddha pale Spiritual chakra i see I am I Understand i feel how to be happy i speak art artist

Heart Tattoo | Meagan Segal

In the middle I would do lilies, the left would have a feather and music notes coming out of it and on the right I would have a butterfly sitting on top of it with two skulls looking at each other one on each wing