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Solar eclipses, the moon and more wowed readers this year. See the most amazing night sky photos of 2014 by amateur astronomers and stargazers around the world in our year-end gallery here. HERE: Veteran night sky photographer Tommy Eliassen captured this stunning photo of the 2014 Geminid meteor shower on Dec. 12, 2014 as the northern lights danced over Lovund, Norway. See more amazing 2014 Geminids photos. Click through to see the rest of 2014's best night sky photos. -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

Spectacular view of an Orionid meteor streaking through the dazzling northern lights and Milky Way from Korgfjellet, Hemnes, Norway

Favorite Photos -- National Geographic

Stargazing at Mono Lake, California Photograph by Shreeni Vasanm A tufa rock formation juts out of Mono Lake, brilliant under a starry sky. Mono Lake sunrises and sunsets are famous because of the colors reflected in the tranquil water, Travel Favorites submitter shreenivasanm says. "If one has the will to venture to the lake shore during the night, you could experience a visual spectacle of … billions of stars."

Spectacular Geminid meteor shower lights up the skies

14th Dec.2014 A spectacular meteor shower lit up the skies last night with 100 shooting stars an hour, pictured along the Isle of Wight west coast near Chale

Giant Alien Planet Discovered in Most Distant Orbit Ever Seen

An enormous alien planet — one that is 11 times more massive than Jupiter — was discovered in the most distant orbit yet found around a single parent star. The newfound exoplanet, dubbed HD 106906 b, dwarfs any planetary body in the solar system, and circles its star at a distance that is 650 times the average distance between the Earth and the sun. "This system is especially fascinating because no model of either planet or star formation fully explains what we see," study