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14 Classic College Books You’ll Want to Read Again as a Real Adult

14 college books to read again as an adult and the life lessons they teach


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31 “Must Read” Books: A Crowd Sourced List of Ultimate Favorites

“What’s the ONE book you’d recommend to anyone?” That’s the question I posed to 32 bloggers. I wanted to know what their “must read” book was, that single book that had the most powerful impact on their reading lives. I’ll be honest: this question stemmed from a selfish desire to get some new great reading …

18 Books to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Such A Beautiful Response...Your parents may have to read this for you and explain a few things to you but it says some very important things about 'learning and doing':):):)

8 great series for your summer reading list (from the 2012 summer reading guide)

8 great series you won't be able to put down. 8 series, for a combined total of FIFTY books. Plenty here to appeal to readers of all ages.

7 books that will make you a better human.