I'm so easily amused, this cracks me up.

It's an elephant bouncing on a trampoline. An elephant. On a trampoline. Click the picture. It doesn't matter what you are doing just. Click the picture.

I'm never going to Australia :(

Funny pictures about Nooope nope nope. Oh, and cool pics about Nooope nope nope. Also, Nooope nope nope.


The 20 Least Majestic Animals To Roam The Earth. I feel bad for the Manatee, but the horse and cat kill me!


Anyone caught crumpin' way too close to a treadmill. Some of these are a bit risque and um. gross but most are pretty hilarious. The treadmill guy had me laughing for at least 5 minutes


23 Hilarious Gifs Of Instant Karma - People Getting Instant Justice


This man who likes to live life on the edge (of internal bleeding):

Picture 4779 « Animals Trolling Other Animals (15 GIFs) « Regretful Morning

Funny pictures about The real Kung Fu panda. Oh, and cool pics about The real Kung Fu panda. Also, The real Kung Fu panda photos.

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