The tail lights on this CB are sweet. Needs a little bit of hiding done on the wiring and to take the airbox out. But sweet ride.

Scout Sixteen - Men's Floral Shirt

Scout Sixteen - Mens Floral Shirt Must find this shirt ASAP. Love colors on black like a cool kimono print.


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bmw 3.0

BMW CSL - Love the colors, car front reminds me of the shape of a shark's head


The snake lunged for Ardhoniel with a lighting fast strike. I moved equally as fast, putting myself between it and her, and moving her out of harm's way. I then felt a white hot pain in my calf as the serpent sank its fangs into my leg.

Departures Bags.

Antonio Marras+Piquadro Departures 3 L Antonio Marras Collaborates with Piquadro for an Exclusive Capsule Collection