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Delicious recipes from around the globe, some vegetarian, some family heirlooms.
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Who says healthy food can’t also be delicious? With these recipes even a novice in the kitchen can create dishes to wow the toughest critic—and then talk knowledgeably about the health benefits of each! In fact, just reading this book will make you feel healthier—and smarter! And it's only $2.99!

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From homey comfort food to company fare, you’ll find it in this book! Easy and quick, yet delicious and healthy! You'll LOVE these dishes!

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Discover the gorgeous colors, the magnificent flavors, and the enormous health benefits of vegetarian food in this lovely cookbook! Pick up Vegetarian Delights for just $2.99 in pdf (printable) and other formats ents or at Barnes and Noble’s Nook store at or at Amazon’s Kindle Store at

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Just 99 cents! Who knew that gluten-free dishes could be so delicious and satisfying! You'll love this book, whether or not you merrily munch on wheat and, for that matter, whether or not you're vegetarian! Get it for just 2.99 in PDF (printable) and other formats at or at Amazon's Kindle Store Still waiting for Barnes Try Gluten Free and Glorious! You'll be as impressed as I am! ~Debra Smith, Editor and Publisher of Open Circle e-zine

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Vegetarian Delights by Vila SpiderHawk, five stars on Amazon! Check it out!

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Gaia's Table Just $2.99 The dishes in Gaia's Table are so scrumptious, nobody has to know that they’re super-duper good for you too! Pick it up for just $2.99 in PDF (printable) and other formats at or at Barnes' Nook Store or at Amazon's Kindle Store

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Five stars on Amazon! Check it out! Gluten Free and Glorious by Vila SpiderHawk,

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Happy Body Cookbook by Vila SpiderHawk, 5 stars on Amazon! Check it out!

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Your Bread Basket--150 recipes to fill your home with that yummy bread-baking aroma! And some are even gluten free! What a great gift! Check out the "Give as a gift" option on any of the following sites! Pick up Your Bread Basket for just 2.99 at Amazon and at Barnes And in epub, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, or txt at

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