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Hey guys! After a while, I'm back with a new shot. :) This one was made for a startup that is starting and I'm sure you will heard of. The name Feedbox is fictitious. The real product is still bei...

Hoop no results screen :( by Humberto de Sousa

We're about to launch the “Notifications” feature! Here is how it looks in the web app, hope you like it! Check it out live: Thanks to @adhrian for the sample screens in this...

Hi guys, this is the login form I’ve designed for Zeplin - A collaboration app for UI designers & frontend developers. We are launching beta soon, check it out here: Any fee...

Daily inspiration collected from daily ui archive and beyond. Based on Dribbble shots, hand picked, updating daily.

We're very excited about the new web app UI! I'd love to hear your thoughts.