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Here is a little outfit inspiration for the remaining cold days of winter...who says you can't be stylish when it's freezing outside? Layers, layers, layers baby!! Scroll all the way down to see where you can buy similar pieces to update your wardrobe...

A while ago I suggested to my partner that we should paint the living room gray. She retorted that 'he won't live in a dungeon', but as we can see grays don't have to be dark and daunting. In my opinion this colour ads a degree of sophistication.

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Chic and effortless Frenchies. My FAVORITE. Click, click: ARTY FILLES // ARTY FILLES // ARTY FILLES More after the J-U-M-P! Photos: ARTY FILLES

I know I've seen this many times before, but something about the way she's wearing it. maybe the edgy hair and makeup?? and the huge clutch and retro glasses are definitely a cool. the size of those accessories is a fun replacement for a pop of color.

My name is Liv and I was born and (b)raised in the West Village. I am a sodium aficionado & wine devotee in addition to a soul music & key change enthusiast. I own too many grey shirts and make too many grilled cheese sandwiches.