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#7: I love the monochromatic color scheme of the poster. The image overpowers the text in order to capture the viewer's eye. The designer put the focus weight on the bottom but still lead the viewer through the page. Although it has a lot of negative space, the designer balanced it enough with contrast to have equilibrium.


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Rhapsody in Blue. This is by far my all-time #1 favorite song, though I do prefer the recording of it being performed in London in the 1970's with Leonard Bernstein as director and pianomaster.

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A lovely area to relax and play music #MVOEntertainment #Lovemusic

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from From up North

25 Beautifully Designed Posters

Circus poster by Kent Lovén Have no idea but it sure sounds like there are lots of things to see...

Posters, Prints and Other Designs from Kenneth Jansson

from From up North

Great mix of design inspiration

Hi, we are, an infographic design agency who love visualising data. The world has produced 90% of all its data in the last two years. Are you drowning in it? We need to communicate better and visual content is 20 times more likely to be viewed and shared than a text article. Contact us and we'll transform your data into stories and beautiful content.

Great mix of design inspiration | From up North

I like the white keyboards in the shape of building structures and one of the black keyboards is a human form. The illustrations definitely tell a great story that match the theme.

The pianist - Worth1000 Contests

The words and the air are the focus. #order

Indie Open-air Festival Flyer and Poster Template