vincent dance theatre

vincent dance theatre

Brighton UK  ·  VIRGIN TERRITORY explores what it’s like to live as a young person today in an over-sexualised, digitally captured culture. #VDTerritory
vincent dance theatre
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Stop judging women on how they look – it is damaging our children | Laura Bates

Stop judging women on how they look – it is damaging our children


Breaking News: Porn Site Creates "Brock Turner Rule", Blocks Rape-Themed Videos - Fight the New Drug

Sex education stats

"Girls feel they have to look and perform like 'porn stars' to be liked and valued by boys.



We Are #WomenNotObjects

Video: No to objectification of women in advertising, especially perfume ads. We Are Video Calls Out Sexism In Advertising By Showcasing Ads That Objectify Women (Note the Tom Ford Ads!

Mental Health Taskforce report

Mental Health Taskforce report

Rape Crisis supports first UK Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Rape Crisis England and Wales - specialist services for women and girls who have been raped and/or experienced any other form of sexual violence at any time in their lives

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Shame is a big reason why women don’t reveal their experiences of sexual assault. Now some remarkable young women are breaking that mould

A mattress protest supporting rape survivor Emma Sulkowicz have been held at over 100 campuses across the U.