Here are 21 brilliant woodworking projects that begin with basic 2x4s

21 Things You Can Build With 2x4s

Wondering how to make stuff with Here are 21 DIY projects like furniture that includes a coffee table, bench, stools, rolling cart etc.

Bags be gone! These dry storage drawers beautifully organize pantry goods such as bread, garlic and potatoes.

Bread box and dry produce storage in kitchen drawers. I think this is a cool food storage idea but we don't eat bread and never require that much root veggie storage.

A trellis anchored along the fence. Minus the pool, of course

Cantilevered Trellis using over sized Redwood timbers - to replace the rickety trellises along our garage for the grapes & kiwi! Use along fence for climbing vines. Maybe in front of garage or front living room window- would have to check with hoa

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