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an image of a dashboard showing the time and attendances for each event on the web
Instances monitoring reports
Instances monitoring reports by R712 | Dribbble
the landing page for an app designed to look like a city
matchpool.png by Ghani Pradita
a screenshot of the schedule screen for an upcoming meeting, with multiple people on it
schedule_meeting_full.png by Ollie Barker
Schedule meeting full
UI Interactions of the week #50
via Muzli design inspiration 이미지 - 세로 면분할 텍스트 - 가로분할 시차를 분할해서 로딩되는듯한느낌 + 선적인 느낌을 살렸다.
an image of a web page with many different images
shot1-b.png by Tom Koszyk
Shot1 b
the homepage for a website with an image of a man's face on it
an image of a computer screen with many games on it
01_ladder_te_5a_prev_1600.png by Erik Padamans
01 ladder te 5a prev 1600
an image of a web page with many different things on it, including books and magazines
dark_book_ui_design_exploration_02.jpg by Masudur Rahman
Dark book ui design exploration 02
an image of the golden gate bridge website
Video hosting
View on Dribbble
an image of a website with multiple screens and images on the front, side, and back
Flashback, Pierre Georges.
an image of the webpages displayed in different colors and sizes, including blue
Journal Of Developer - 15 сайтов в стиле material design #1
some type of black and white text on a black background with the words e design
sample.jpg by Surja Sen Das Raj
Interesting idea maybe for personal portfolio? Fixed backgrounds that spell out name.
an image of a website page with soccer players on the screen and in the background
attach.png by Andrej Krajčir
an image of the website for furniture and home decor items, with different chairs on it
.furniture (concept)
.furniture (concept)
an image of the netflix website
Netflix Spotlight
Netflix Spotlight