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Cannavino Construction ( is a Plainfield, Illinois-based leader in managing the construction of commercial buildings (interior and ground up)…
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the words cannavino construction are shown in black and yellow letters on a white background
Cannavino Construction (
Award-winning residential and commercial contractor, and green building pioneer!
black and white photographs of kitchen appliances in various stages of being repaired, taken from the ground up to the ceiling
Cannavino Construction -
A short video slideshow of pictures of Cannavino Construction's award-winning commercial and residential work.
a large kitchen with white cabinets and granite counter tops on the island in front of the sink
A gallery of construction work by Cannavino Construction (Illinois).
an open door with the words green building pioneers written on it in front of a grassy field
Green Building
Builder of the first green home in Illinois, the fourth in the nation!
a man on a lift working on the roof of a building under construction with blue skies in the background
Commercial construction by Plainfield, IL-based Cannavino Construction.
a kitchen with granite counter tops and wooden cabinets
Home Remodeling
Home remodeling by Plainfield, IL-based Cannavino Construction, home builder of the year (2008).
a large brick house with the words tiana leanor above it
Custom Homes
One of our model designs.
a large brick house with the words illinois home builder of the year written on it
Cannavino Construction (
Home builder of the year!