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a vintage mum of three modern boys, a classic wife to an old fashion fella, a collector of things from bygone eras, a creative soul

I do it maybe a little too much. It's just really nice thinking about what might happen with you by my side

wow these are super easy to make and they are selling the for $40.00 in ridgway.. looks like ill just be making my own.. who wants to spend $40 on a simply made item..Beaded wrap bracelet. Really easy. Tried this and love the result.

Make your own outdoor theater with PVC... this site has lots of uses for PVC in the garden and around the home.

Russian page that does a really good joy of walking you through the process of altering a standard bodice pattern to created a pattern for this interesting top.

Graham McTavish, again, as Dougal McKenzie, one of my favourite "villains". Great choice, great emotional impact, perfect Dougal eyes. Dougal is a great creation, the devil you know and do not suspect. His attempted seduction of the widow-to-be is a stroke of great writing.

“@Aabhealey38Ann: ” That day was a dream come true for me

graham mctavish | Graham McTavish Dougasl MacKenzie

A t-shirt reconstruction.

1930s Mechanical Valentines to Make: Unknown: Books

TPF Faerie - Vest Hoodie

55+ Examples of Watercolor Tattoo | Cuded

Bon appetito