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    a vintage mum of three modern boys, a classic wife to an old fashion fella, a collector of things from bygone eras, a creative soul

    If it's good enough for John Cleese, it's good enough for me. . . *|* This Guy Just Explained Capitalism Absolutely Perfectly

    Italian Fresh Green Salad / Six Sisters

    “THE KRISTY ROLL” : Dress down this Rocka-Billy inspired hair style with our ultra stretch jeans and a sweater. Click the image for DIY instructions! #UpDo #DIY #Hair #Hairstyle #Uniqlo #FW2013 #UltraStretch #USJ #HairDo

    Christmas Ornaments printable downloads - DIY these 4 quick ornament crafts for your tree, mantel, shelf, and for gifts too!

    Beef Noodle Stir Fry - a 20 minute meal that is a favorite at our house!

    Ruffled Pencil Skirt Tutorial (Anthropologie Inspired) – Elizabeth Ave

    Christmas Ornaments printable download - DIY these quick ornament crafts for your tree, mantel, shelf, and for gifts too!

    Practicality, Artistic a bit crazy, Stability, Trustworthiness, Generosity, Humanity and Loyalty. Taurus ♥ Click the picture to find out more about Taurus!

    Cleaning, not so much.....the other items are part of the plan (-:

    Italian Cream Cupcakes - these are truly DIVINE! Toasted coconut and pecans in buttermilk cake batter topped with luscious cream cheese frosting!

    Latin phrases everyone should know. Also that I don't want to forget!!!!! Something I heard recently is that YOLO is the new young generation's CARPE DIEM. I'm not a fan of YOLO guess that makes me old. I'm proud of my CARPE DIEM!! I would much rather be well read and educated then pop culture savvy.

    I think for Halloween I shall go as Karma. Some of you should be worried.

    The Purge Makeup Tutorial | Click Pic for 22 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Women 2014 | Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

    Learn how to sew this cute, easy to make DIY sweater dress or tunic with a free printable pattern and sewing tutorial.

    It's true which I guess is y I'm not a shy person, I just kind of put it out there

    Dean Martin : you can see the twinkle in his eye...he is up to something! That is one if the things I loved about him.

    The coolest Rat Pack member. Even Sinatra wanted to be that cool.

    Dean Martin was getting older by the end of the 50s but he just got better looking in my mind - must be good genes -- his kids all keep looking pretty great these days too.

    Bir de çini balık ekleyelim...Renk listesini önceki paylaşımlarımdan bulabilirsiniz. Designed by Filiz Türkocağı... ( İZNİK chini )

    JAW Shark Knife Sharpener: Sharpen your knives in the jaw of this harmless yet useful shark.

    Mucha style - Jewel Beetle Mucha Headdress by the Verdant Muse

    Brass wing necklace blue glass beads brass leaf by botanicalbird

    Upright Pin Curls - Retro Hairstyle Tutorials You Have To Try

    Wire wrap weaving key pendant free tutorial - all pictures