Iron crayon shavings between two sheets of wax paper, trim to size of ornament frame made from cardstock, punch hole, add ribbon, hang.

christmas crafts for kids - Christmas ornament window light catchers (contact paper sticky side up - add tissue paper - another sheet of contact paper, and cut out.

Put crayon shavings (not too thickly) between 2 pieces of waxed paper.  Iron lightly on medium heat between pieces of kraft paper to protect your iron.  Stop when crayon shavings are melted and let it cool.  Trace & cut out hearts of various sizes, string with silk thread & hang from dowel rod.  Try Christmas trees/ornaments or Easter eggs/spring flowers too if you like.  Maybe AXO letters??!?

Heart-Shaped Crafts

Crayon hearts (or any shape you like) uses wax paper & crayon shavings. Beautiful in a sunny window.

Stained Glass Hearts - We Heart Crafts! 16 Easy-Peasy Valentine's Day Crafts to Make with the Kids - MSN CA

Stained glass art: Wax paper cut into shape. Peel and shave crayons on paper. Then place second wax paper over and iron on low setting.

Lego crayons  If you have lego-lovers around your house, you could definitely have a set of these by Christmas, because melting crayons and pouring them into molds is easy peasy.  FYI, Do NOT melt your crayons in the microwave, not even if the powers of Google tell you that it's OK.  It's NOT OK.  It will kill your microwave.  And then a $6 project turns into a $75 dollar project, and that makes nobody happy.

box o' lego crayons -made with melted crayons and an ice cube mold how cool!

Melted crayon ornament

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Crayon shavings or chunks in glass ornaments, heated up to melt and swirl. I could do this as Celi's ornament this year. She could pick out the crayon colors and I would melt them.

Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds wax resist shadow box backgrounds

Wax Resist Paintings-Beautiful Backdrop for Shadow Boxes from Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds

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