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I am a big supporter of Art, Music, Journaling or Drama Therapy. Here's a Great example: Self Esteem Portraits - 25 things I like about me.

Art Class Works: Self Esteem Portraits

This Paper Fortune Teller, one of a new set of 3, helps children to learn about "All or Nothing Thinking," a style of thinking that leads to many upsetting emotions. Tags: cognitive behavioral therapy, children, game, counseling.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool: Behavioral Chain

Behaviors can be analyzed clearly through the useful tool of behavioral chains. CBT and DBT are treatments that look for ways to change thoughts and increase one's ability to cope with stress.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool: Behavioral Chain

CBT Thought Bubble Kit This is a set of pre-printed thought bubbles. Half of them are “Poison Thoughts” (cognitive distortions) commonly encountered in children with ASD. The other half are “Antidote Thoughts” that can be used to counter the automatic negative thoughts. These have many applications in counseling and teaching children about upsetting emotions.

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'Invisible Scars' Sounds Accurate For How This Must Feel via UpWorthy
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'Invisible Scars' Sounds Accurate For How This Must Feel

'Invisible Scars' Sounds Accurate For How This Must Feel

Therapeutic dream catchers! Steps: 1) draw/pattern of dream catcher 2) decorate dream catcher 3) have the child write out negative emotions, triggers, or experiences. 4) trap the negative thoughts/triggers/emotions 5)have the child circle the dream catcher with strengths, positive traits, activities, and other things/people the client loves. #cbt #therapy #kids #socialwork #intervention #cpst #counseling #ecmh #therapist


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Jessica Cline

right up there with gramma saying "you are going to be about as happy as you make up your mind to be"

November 2013 - Forever Design

Awesome list! Love yourself and set boundaries (oh, and enforce those boundaries even when it's painful) - in a nutshell :-)

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