Violeta Ivanova

Violeta Ivanova

Violeta Ivanova
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How to...pack your lunch! | WeightWise Bariatric Program

Are you stuck in a lunch rut? Are you unsure about what to have for lunch? Does tupperware make you nervous? Making/packing lunch.

Low carb & high protein receipes....I need to try some of these!

Who is Bariatric Foodie? You’re a Bariatric Foodie and so am I. I’m not the Bariatric Foodie, I am a Bariatric Food.

Weekly maternity pics

This is such a fun way to document your pregnancy and growth of the baby. Pregnant moms are always aware of the size chart by fruit for developing babies and turns out its a cute way to document the each step of the way.also has other great photo ideas!

Tuareg woman

Tuareg woman (Helga) Tuareg gender customs may refute Western preconceptions: the men are veiled and the women are not. The society is largely matrilineal. The Tuareg defy stereotypes—of Islam, Africa and social relationships