Ever make mistakes in life

Well said, Bob, well said…

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Love the Golden Girls.

And anyone who knows me, knows exactly which Golden Girl I will be one day.

Mindfulness Colouring Book - Free printable coloring pages for adults - Mum in the Madhouse #AdultCP

Free colouring pages for adults

Fishpond New Zealand, The Mindfulness Colouring Book (Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People) by Emma Farrarons. Buy Books online: The Mindfulness Colouring Book (Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People), ISBN Emma Farrarons

Hahaha. I can't stop laughing!!!

This is a fun part about being a teacher that will come back to bite me when my kids are in school. (The well-meaning daughter who was asked to write a sentence about her mom’s hobbies. 21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents)

My husband Agron ! every day oxox coffee #love

I love you whether you bring me coffee or not. But it does make me feel very special, and cared for. I also love bringing YOU coffee.I love how that works! ~~anyone who goes to chess, if you buy me coffee i will be your best friend ever, okay?

Hahahaha Yep!

Hahahaha Kermit is missing the middle finger though. Still laughing

Lol when you buy the wrong gift   Cookie Monster

Cookie monster complains about getting the wrong gift for Christmas. “It’s like you don’t even know me!” oh, yeah… C is for Cookie… Related Amish Christmas Lights We Decided …

"Floating" umbrella lights

umbrella street lights ~ very enchanting. On a smaller scale, I like the idea of using cocktail umbrellas on strings of lights in the house

hahaha words to live by

Friday Favorites

LOVE HER. (Ahem) The Duchess of Cambridge is an inspiration to all.

Aquarius Daily Fun Fact

I take astrology with a grain of salt but this Aquarius quote is true. I don't really know about energy but I love to observe people, try to figure them out. People who love to put on airs should stay away from Aquarians


Letterpress Manhattan Map - Minimalist Print- Neighborhood - Modern - Simple - Grid for some reason i am drawn to this

That sounds about right! Haha :)

Make your own trail-mix. Nailed It. But must be peanut m's!