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Violleta Rosemary

Violleta Rosemary
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Easy science about the weather for homeschooling families. Science for kids pre-K about the weather. Free science enrichment resource all about the weather for your young children.

Whoa! Electrifying! Amazing!

Yes, this is just a random picture of lightening with no caption. Yes, it did make me laugh. Because seriously, how did Thor get pissed off so thoroughly?


The Cordón Caulle volcano in central Chile is pictured in all it's glory by Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni. His stunning snaps show forks of volcanic lightning to create an incredible light show.

Phnorn Penh - Phnum Penh - Cambodia (von Rob Kroenert)

Lightning over the Tonle Sap Lake in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (by Rob Kroenert). The power of Nature unleashed for your entertainment!