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Water Pathogens

Water Pathogens

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Don't let the love-heart appearance fool you, Giardia is a nasty parasite commonly transferred in untreated water. They set up shop in your small intestine and can bring about chronic diarrhoea, weight loss, fatigue and abdominal cramps. UV home systems deactivate #giardia #viqua

The beauty of deadly pathogens up close

“People affected by disasters are more likely to become ill and to die from diseases related to inadequate sanitation and water supplies than from any other single cause.” (World Health Organization) - great page on how to keep healthy in a post-even situation

E. coli--part of the normal flora of the human gut. Certain strains of E. coli produce various toxins that cause illness

Canada updating drinking water guidelines for planes, trains, ships #viqua

"Mommy Bloggers are widespread, but nothing deserves the “ubiquitous” label more than bacteria." Driving into work this morning, I was listening to an interview inspired by Mother’s Day.  The radio hosts were talking to a Mommy Blogger (apologies for not recalling her name).  What amazed me was a statistic that was given indicatin

What’s Bugging You this Mother’s Day?

rotavirus causes severe diarrheal illness in infants and children

E. coli--part of the normal flora of the human gut. Certain strains of E. coli produce various toxins that cause illness

Giardia is not amused.

PCT Washington 1998 Brian and Martina

Legionella - pathogenic Gram negative bacterium. Acquired its name after a July, 1976 outbreak of a then-unknown "mystery disease" sickened 221 persons, causing 34 deaths. The outbreak was first noticed among people attending a convention of the American Legion - an association of U.S. military veterans

TEM of a section through Naegleria fowleri, a free-living amoeba found in warm bodies of fresh water that can invade and attack the human nervous system and brain, causing primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). Although this occurs rarely, such an infection nearly always results in the death of the victim. #uvwater #viqua

Schistosoma mansoni parasite. In 2009 researchers from the UT Health Science Center San Antonio and other institutions crack the genetic code of Schistosoma mansoni, a flatworm that can live up to 10 years on average in humans. The parasite is endemic in many tropical areas of the world. #getuv #viqua

Cryptosporidium protozoa

so pretty but could be dangerous. Did you know that you cannot tell the health of water by looking at it? #viqua

Safe drinking water is a privilege in North America.  Though essential to good health, it is often taken for granted.  It is delivered to our homes or offices for our enjoyment with little thought given to where it originated or how it got there.  We expect water to come forth as required.  We expect water to both look and taste good.  And we

Top 10 Foods With Pathogen Risks

Pick a Microbe: Made to Order Fused Glass Magnet

Wastewater Pathogens (Wastewater Microbiology) by Michael H. Gerardi. $59.99. Author: Michael H. Gerardi. 179 pages. Publisher: Wiley-Interscience; 1 edition (September 30, 2004)

Parasites and pathogens

Higher Than Usual Numbers of Legionella in 2013