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16 Couples Who Got Their Tattoos Together

16 Couples Who Got Their Tattoos Together

Daisy, the tabby

Even as a dog person, it’s hard not to love Ben Torode’s inspired photographs of his cat Daisy, who is arguably the cutest kitten alive. In My Modern Met's interview, Ben discussed the challenges and reward of pet photography.

Harlow, the Weimaraner, and Sage, the Dachshund

They caught the internet by storm. Their cuteness overwhelmed you. And now, twelve of the most adorable animals have been brought together in one place.

Menswear Dog, Shiba Inu

Summer Style Unleashed We’ve partnered up with our friends over at Gilt to bring you the best selection of GANT Summer must-haves so you can beat the heat in style. They’ve got drool-worthy duds for.

Trotter, the French Bulldog

Yes, we've all seen some extremely cute French Bulldogs, like the one this adorable Japanese boy cuddles up to every day, but have you seen one as mysterious as this? Meet Trotter, the black pup with over foll.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

This cat has a U-shaped thin white 'tache - and with wide eyes he looks like he might be worried a barber is coming his way with a razor

Darcy, the Hedgehog

Shota Tsukamoto has a hedgehog who named Darcy. Shota Tsukamoto's goal is to make Darcy the world's most famous hedgehog.

Maddie, the Coonhound

Artifact Uprising Artist Spotlight > "A Look through the Window: Theron Humphrey's Wild Idea to Reconnect in Real Time" Photo ©Theron Humphrey