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slightly smudged yet clean, top bottom liner, bold, white highlights, extremely mod sassy cat eye

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Keeping the retro theme going with a mod cut crease with a gorgeous @makeupbyjac

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Awesome eye makeup <3

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Pretty awesome mod eye makeup

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Pretty sixties inspired makeup x

This is painfully awesome. The makeup is ALMOST too much. The hair is flawless. The collar on that dress/shirt/whatever is so mod. Her expression, the lighting...

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An easy guide to 60s makeup - Sexy 60s makeup is a snowballing beauty trend. Tackle it with these tips


How to do comic-book inspired nails for Halloween: Batman

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Incredible Italian tiles inspired by Any Warhol

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Andy Warhol (as a dress) (and a woman?)

Google Image Result for http://www.creativeboysclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/0134.jpg

Candy Warhol By TOMAAS | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

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Masha by ~Ehinokokus.. ii was really drawn to this! fantastic make-up

Andy Warhol inspired banana nails

Brillo recently went back in time and featured Warhol-inspired #packaging to mark its 100th anniversary.


Recycled Warhol-Inspired Bracelet! Wood bangle+soup label+Glossy Mod Podge!

Andy Warhol inspired - Campbells Soup Leggings - I WANT!

Black Milk Clothing

And most people don't understand half the shit I do. Lmao Sweeet.

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missing you so bad.

amazing andy warhol themed nails

I want an Andy Warhol themed entertainment room...

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Spice girls themed nail art I created for District MTV.  Check them out here: http://www.districtmtv.co.uk/article/topic/archive/yz30fb/nail-art-girl-pop-inspired/opwdoi

Comic Book Cartoon 50s Pinup 60s Pop Art Graphic Print Pant 17 mv Legging

Loving this Pop Art inspired trio.