Pre-punched paper at Michael's - wrap it around a glass cylinder..another knock off of Pier 1

What a great idea for a party or wedding table centerpiece. Pre-punched paper at Michael's - wrap it around a glass cylinder and tape with double-sided tape for a lovely effect for your votive candle.

kitchen island~old windows...

kitchen island~old windows.I love the idea of reusing old window frames, for anything, but especially this

DIY painted drawer for a shelf. Put perfume in the shelf part!

DIY Painted Drawer Shelf (can also be used for keys/mail/wallet/phone, etc.) Idea for craft wall too - for things I prefer didn't move!

Grocery Bag Basket Tutorial

DIY Upcycled Fruit Basket: Grocery Bag Basket Tutorial ~ cute and cheap baskets. Gosh, use your imagination to mod podge it, decopage it, color it.endless ideas here! Love this!

Rag Rug~Up-cycled~Shred Sheets table cloths, curtains...any kind of fabric. Use large crochet hook or make your own from an up-cycled toothbrush! I have made these small or family room sized - shredded a big set of curtains. Tutorial and Video.

FANTASTIC series of video tutorials on how to make an Amish Knot Rug or Toothbrush Rugs. No sewing, just knotting. You use old sheets and things like that. Toothbrush Rugs - Complete Video Instructions (Part 1 - Beginners)

42 different ways to decorate with scrapbook paper.

42 Ways to Decorate with Scrapbook Paper

42 ways to decorate with scrapbook paper. Great idea for all the scrapbook paper I've stocked up on!

How-To: Make nail polish out of eyeshadow colors you don't use and a collection of TONS of other genius DIY beauty ideas. Pin now- make later!

Turn eye shadow into nail polish. This is for those "ugly" eye shadow colors that you have left in palettes that would make GREAT nail polishes. clear polish plus shadow = awesome nails!

Homemade Tootsie Rolls

Copycat Tootsie Rolls are a fun family activity and a yummy treat! This homemade Tootsie Roll recipe yields chocolates that are even softer than the brand name stuff. If you're into homemade candy recipes, put this on your list to try!