Misty Copeland has beautiful legs! I will always take my dancers legs thick thighs and calves over thin tiny legs.


Butterfly Handstand: Learn this pose in our Pole Foundations Intermediate series.

this is SO me

I'm only working as a lawyer to pay my way through pole dancing school (Someecards)

muscari- loved these as a child

Floral Arrangement - blue muscari - cover a tin can with paper from a book or scrapbook paper and add ribbon


Pole dancing is so beautiful. It tests your flexibility and strength and makes for an awesome total body workout.

doing this tonight

Learn How To Pole Dance From Home With Amber's Pole Dancing Course. Why Pay More For Pricy Pole Dance Schools?

Pole Fitness

Pole dancing is a great, full-body workout. Can't wait until I gain enough upper body strength to try this!

Lingerie - Want Factor, I.D. Sarrieri

I want this bra. Would look amazing paired under the right low top or dress. matte deep red lips with the big glasses.