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Beautiful Maine Coon;  this looks just like my cat Tootsie Foots who lived to be 19.  He had six toes on his front feet and was a Maine Coon Cat.  I loved him so much.  He was the sweetest cat.

Beautiful Maine Coon in the garden. I always wanted one of these. I've only had tabbies, calicos, and a couple black cats who's breeds I don't know.

Robert Sijka est un spécialiste de la photographie animalière et un grand passionné des chats en particulier des Maine Coon pour lesquels il a consacré une fascinante série de portraits.   Mystiques portraits Qualifiée de 'Gentle Giants' en bon français Gentils Géants, l'une des plus belles espè

Photographer Robert Sijka sheds new light on one of the internet’s most beloved creatures, cats. The Hong Kong-based creative focuses his attention on the Maine Coon, the largest breed of domesticated felines. Their distinctive appearance

Main heart, with hearts of your children hanging off of them

Good tattoo for a "sisters matching" or "family matching" or childrens names tattoo.for me I would pick a different font.this doesn't look clean and neat the initials and numbers are not "clean".

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