what you allow is what will continue. This is so true for me intensely at the moment.

What You Allow Is What Will Continue. Making the change is hard, but truer words have never been spoken.

True that

You cannot change people around you, no matter what. But definitely can change the people you choose to be around you :o)

So true!

Someone who is Worthy of your Love will never put you in a Situation where you feel you must Sacrifice your Dignity, Integrity or your Self Worth to be with them. One Must Respect ones Self Worth and Walk Away!

the people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they or you wander True friends will always come back and by being a true you, you'll know when it's not worth it to come back.

This is so true in my life right now......I'm so lost and confused on what to do anymore.....

25 nice quotes to ponder upon

One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder. * I say try harder. When I try harder I mess it up more maybe I should go into the army and just go away forever.

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"If nothing saves us from death, at least save us the love of life." - Pablo Neruda

"Se nada nos salva da morte, que pelo menos o amor nos salve da vida" "If anything saves us from death, at least love will save us from life" -Pablo Neruda