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South Korea: Natives demand withdrawal of visa waiver for Chinese nationals

After the murder of a Korean woman last week at the Jeju City chapel, over 11000 people have signed an online petition, requesting the Jeju Island government

Malaysians detained by Australian Immigration officials

Australia Immigration officers have arrested 34 Malaysians, who were working as fruit pickers without valid work permit on a blueberry farm in Coffs Coast.

Bangladeshi Nationals Arrested For Immigration Offence

One in six police jobs expected to go after election, say senior officers.

Carowind's fired workers to be deported soon

According to the reports of WSOC, foreign workers of the local amusement park, 27 Caro winds, in South Carolina will have to leave the United States soon, as

Court orders resettlement plan for detainees of Manus Island

Lawyers for a Bangladeshi asylum seeker have told the High Court that the Australian government is controlling the offshore processing centre on Nauru in contravention of Australian laws The Governme

New Zealanders highest in Australia detention centers

Tensions remain high in Manus Island asylum seeker detention centre: report Leaked intelligence reports reveal increasing self-harm attempts, fights among asylum seekers and use of isolation rooms despite government claims the centre is back to normal

90,000 illegal immigrants released in the US since 2013

Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants. I wish this president would stop pushing Cloward and Piven.

Immigrant detainees in Canada's prisons on hunger strike

The hunger strike by 50 immigrant detainees in the two prisons of Canada's Ontario Province, entered the day.

Retribution for countries declining their citizens deported from US - Republicans

Daesh attacks three refugee camps in Azaz causing people to flee to Turkish border. Daesh is made in USA by Zionist U.

54 Indian nationals deported from the US in April

54 in April, and more this month, In the month of April fifty four Indian citizens were deported from the United States, and a few more will be deported

More Than 2000 Ex-Convicts Need To Be Deported

One of the biggest problems faced by the US is illegal immigrants. This problem got worse when more than prisoners who were illegal immigrants were left

Multiple Arrests by Dubai’s Anti-Narcotics Department

What can I do to Increase the Chance of Getting Bail? A Quick Guide for Friends and Relatives

Immigration officers arrested for Illegal Activities in Malaysia

Malaysian police in Johor recently raided a house in Tampoi dozens of passports originated from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines, along with rubber

Australia Border Force arrests six illegal workers

Six illegal immigrants working in agriculture fields of Bowen Australia's north Queensland were detained by Australian Border Force (ABF).

Corruption in Australia Immigration serious

A senior customs official has been imprisoned for his part in an elaborate scheme to import drug precursors.