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    C'mon, have a laugh with us. All work and no play makes work a big drag!


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    it's just so wrong!!

    Photo Bomb! lol

    Laughter is the best medicine


    Wheres da mouse?

    What is the length of an audience’s attention span?

    Our creative process doesn't look like this... we swear! ;)

    It's Monday Funday for us. :)

    Cycle of Productivity... hehehe.

    Gotta make it Facebook official, right? ;)

    Facebook is the only place where it's acceptable to talk to a wall.

    Does this qualify as office humor or bathroom humor? ;)

    Is Pinterest making pack rats of us? ;)

    Nerd Girl Problems... guilty!

    Nerdy kitties.

    The good old days of floppy disks.

    Kitty secretary: everyone should have one!

    What we look for in job applicants. ;)

    Office humor.

    Oh no, the kitty!

    Pinterest humor. LOL!

    Texting and typing humor...

    It's so fluffy!

    So true!

    All dogs should have their own "space."