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PLAQUENIL is useful in patients who had systemic lupus erythematosus and acute or chronic rheumatoid artheritis. After prolonged use, usually at least 5 years, pateints may rarely develop retinal toxicity from plaquenil. The patient pictured on the right had been taking plaquenil for 15 years before developing the bull's eye macular lesions.

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Marty Feldman, Thyroid Eye Disease

Marty Feldman – was an English writer, comedian and BAFTA award winning actor, notable for his bulging eyes, which were the result of a thyroid condition known as Graves Disease.

Heterochromia: a beautiful mutation. Heterochromia is relatively rare  it affects around 11 in every 1,000 people in America  but it can develop over time. It can be inherited from ones parents and come about as a result of various conditions  both genetic and acquired. In spite of this, it is not necessarily a sign of underlying health issues.

Heterochromia - A beautiful mutation that causes the iris to have more than one color, or a person can have two different colored eyes - example: one brown eye and one blue eye. [And here I thought hazel eyes were just always multi-coloured]