Haunted Savannah

One cannot walk down Savannah’s streets at twilight without feeling evidence of her supernatural side. The old beautiful homes practically emanate the aura of lost loves, lives cut short, and other misfortunes. The Spanish moss-drenched live oaks set the mood. The dead never truly depart in Savannah. One just has to walk into a shop, hotel or restaurant in Savannah and strike up a conversation w the staff, and the talk will turn inevitably to the supernatural. -- James Caskey, Haunted Savannah

Haunted Savannah

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Ghost hunting in America's most haunted town | Sunshine Coast Daily

17Hundred90 is one of our favorite haunts. #VisitSavannah

Top 5 Spooky Places in Savannah

Find out why Savannah is known as America’s Most Haunted City with our “Savannah Hauntings” video series – premiering July 20th on YouTube! Until then, check out this series teaser…

Top 10 haunted hotels in the US - The Marshall House lands on TripAdvisor's list of most haunted places to stay! "... this was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I have believed in paranormal activity before but this solidified it for me."

  • Brittany Halford
    Brittany Halford

    Stayed there on my honeymoon!

Haunted Savannah Story Map - great resource!

Tondee's Tavern…Serving More than "Spirits"

  • Jenny Santee
    Jenny Santee

    We ate here and had a wonderful dinner. Our waitress and the owner were wonderful. They told us the history of the building and personal stories of strange encounters. We even had a tour of the basement and shown the entrance to the tunnels the slaves were taken through.

Scariest Ghost Tours for Halloween - Condé Nast Traveler

Cobblestone Tours guide lights her lantern in front of the Colonial Park Cemetery before starting her ghost tour in Savannah, Ga. Few cities in the country have the history and folklore of Savannah, Ga., (Photo/Stephen Morton)

Colonial Park Cemetery after dark. Savannah, GA

Colonial Park Cemetery is allegedly haunted by Rene Rondolier…among others.

Haunted walking tours frequently stop at this spot outside of Colonial Park Cemetery to hear the story of Rene Rondolier.

Savannah Ghost Show is a family-friendly walking ghost tour. Blending folklore, history, and magic tricks, this tour promises to amaze, send chills up and down your spine and send you into fits of laughter. Tours depart at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Savannah…a City Built on It's Dead.

Savannah historian and tour guide Colin Young related the following tale, involving one of Savannah’s most prominent men during the latter half of the 19th century: Many ghost stories are dismissed as imaginings of simple minds. But one tale that refuses to be explained away as such is the story of Charles Coldcock Jones, Jr.

Savannah gets a little spooky after the sun goes down!

#3 on the list of "Top 13 Most Haunted Spots in Savannah" … Hampton Lillibridge House

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    Riley Blake

    Interesting history behind this house, too :)

Bonaventure Cemetery is beautiful any time of the year, but is especially gorgeous in the Fall!

Sleeping With A Ghost: 8 More of the South’s Most Haunted Hotels

Tour Bonaventure after dark on Halloween night…

Whether it's seeing dead people or a mild case of the willies down in the basement, ghosts and spirits are serious topics for some people. The Marshall House makes USA Today's list of "10 Most Haunted Places in the USA"

Haunted places in Savannah: The Marshall House Hotel

Savannah is many things: Absolutely gorgeous, historically fascinating, and full of Old South charisma. But there’s a vexing, dark side to this charmer of a city. Disturbing tales of aggravated spirits, haunted homes and cemeteries, and things that go bump in the night often earns Savannah the title of America’s Most Haunted City…

Bonaventure Cemetery: Savannah, GA

Haunted Wright Square at dusk…so spooky!