What Climate Change Means for Africa and Asia

Our planet is increasingly experiencing dramatic climate and weather exteremes. World Bank Infographic: What Climate Change Means for Africa and Asia

Radical solutions for climate change

CARBON SINKS: "The polutituion coming from the vents of the plant are increasing the heat of the world, making less exciting the earth's atmosphere and making more stay in, having it turn into harzzard rain.

Tales of Global Warming: growing marmots and shrinking sheep

IMPACT: Not only in Alaska are things changes for the worse for the native wildlife. Check out the growing Marmot's in Colorado, and the pocket sized sheep in Scotland.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

The Climate Convention has grown into a many ringed circus over the years and as such can be unnavigable to everyone but seasoned veterans. Despite be

The impact of climate on food supplies around the world.

The Coffee Industry Is Worse Than Ever For The Environment - Every day, coffee fans in cities from San Diego to Stockholm get a dose of self-satisfaction along with their morning caffeine jolt when they order fancy coffee that tastes great

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Flow Chart

This flow chart shows the sources and activities across the U. economy that produce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy use is by far responsible for the majority of greenhouse gases.

Climate Change Could Cause Widespread Species Loss

Figures A and B show the loss of animals and plants, respectively, by if nothing is done to reduce emissions. Black areas show a nearly loss of species richness. Figures C and D show reduced losses with mitigation, if emissions peak in 2016 and

The Road to Low Carbon Infrastructure

This is Visual Journalism [1

10,000 Years of Sea Level Rise

If This GIF of Years of Doesn't Freak You Out, Nothing Will - Emily Badger - The Atlantic Cities