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Move over, stubborn belly fat. We're ready to get rid of you forever.

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At the gym, or at home - good things come to those who sweat.

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Focus on what your body can do, not what your body looks like!

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Losing weight could be as easy as, take a deep breath and relax.

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Spotted a vacant treadmill? Score! Good thing you've read these do's and don'ts of treadmill activity!

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When it comes to cardio, don't become a creature of habit! Changing up your routine is a key factor in losing weight!

5 Cardio Secrets to Get the Results You Want

Losing weight without the whole "diet" part? Try these 5 steps to get started!

5 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

An exercising addiction? Not possible you think. These 3 warning signs say otherwise.

Are You Addicted to Exercise? Know the Warning Signs

A healthy body is an energized body. Forget those "energy drinks" and go for the good stuff!

Eating to Boost Energy