Maria Vitoria👌

Maria Vitoria👌

Maria Vitoria👌
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Pretty Sketch

Sketch idea - Please don't wash away the colours in my already black and white world. (I didn't write that but still cool)>>> I think I might draw this only it would be raining down colors on the black and white world

fun idea

DIY Sprinkles Art (Great going away/moving gift!) by Nikki W ------------------------------------- I would love to send this to my best friend in Finland I would send her a picture of Maine and I would keep one of Finland

and a love of books

"Blessed are the children of the Bookworm for they shall inherit the Books." (I would like to make a version of this to hang in my library for my kids someday.

Um, yes

DIY The most adorable planters ever! : Maceta Gatuna - BruDiy Clicking on the photo takes you to a tutorial complete with templates on how to make these adorable kitty planters from recycled plastic pop (soda) bottles.