Parallel Wallpaper

Pin for Later: Pretty iPhone Wallpapers That Don't Cost a Thing Parallel Wallpaper The contrast between the sharp angles and soft pastel colors in Rumiko Matsumoto's design Parallel Worlds makes for such an interesting pattern.

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Cute wallpaper for your lock screen we all have that one friend that always wants to be on your phone.u gotta love it ❤️

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Art Journal Every Day: Patterns are Awesome!

Design Inspiration // Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy

Tile style print/pattern/design. Lovely colour combo.

Pretty watercolour (watercolor) repeating seamless trellis pattern in teal, turquoise, pink/magenta, and fuschia // NOVEMBER PLEASE BE GOOD TO US (Un chicle en mi tacón)


The gradient triangles look modern and clever, especially if it is placed as a background. The colour green also symbolises who I am. The colour green is my favourite colour.