metal - metallico

it is malleable, it can be hammered, pressed, stamped, fused, cast, and drawn into wire. yet it returns to its former hardness and properties once it has cooled.
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Joseph Giles 'moon' edge pulls in antique bronze finish.

Joseph Giles 'moon' edge pulls in antique bronze finish. like the grain direction - top bookmatch idea

steel wall

An aluminum bench harmonizes with the industrial nature of the galvanized-steel walls and the polished concrete floor within a metal broker's Collingwood, Ontario, house. Photo by Lorne Bridgman. Photo by: Lorne BridgmanCourtesy of: Nancy Alonzo

Handcrafted nickel silver cutlery by Yumi Nakamura, Japan.

How can design feel bold yet delicate, and naive yet elegant? Yumi Nakamura shows us how with her nickel silver cutlery.

Dried Textured Wall Design

Artist: Alvaro Gomez Title: Unknown Material: Picture I like this picture because it is a very rough texture with a soft touch. I mean When you run your hand across it it would be rough but in between the rough spots are spots of softness.