George Nakashima Table

Mid-Century Modern Furniture George Nakashima Table - beautiful contrast between the organic, solidity of the top and the delicate, simplicity of the base.

Black letter variant

✍ Sensual Calligraphy Scripts ✍ initials, typography styles and calligraphic art - font style


Privacy Pop Tent Twin Black // this is an absolutely ingenious design for the privacy of dorm-dwellers and room-sharers! (Future Tech Dorm Room) (Cool Rooms For Twins)

$10 in cedar wood, floor phalanges 3/4" black galvanized 12" pipe. Super simple, eclectic cheap!

bookcase with cedar wood, floor phalanges & black galvanized pipe. Thanks DIY HGTV! Added another level later too!

Paper-Wrapped Books - love that it unifies the books and those stamped titles on the spine

Paper Wrapped Books

Paper-Wrapped Books - A good way to free up some bookshelf space by using seldom-read books that might still come in handy, someday.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Commercial Restaurant Bar Stool | Upholstered Restaurant Bar Stools

Open Channeled Bar Stool Restaurant Bar Stools The Open Channeled Bar Stool is a classic example of style and durability. This heavy-duty bar stool swivels and has glides to protect your floor. The Open Channeled bar stool is available in a variety

Showcase of Beautiful Text Effects and Typography

betype: “The Work Of Bobby Haiqalsyah. Bobby Haiqalsyah is a designer based on Melbourne Australia, his skills making beautiful typography, lettering and calligraphy are beyond the average, he has and.

george nakashima

Round Cluster Dining Table by legendary architect and craftsman George Nakashima, and his daughter, architect, designer and head of the Nakashima Studio, Mira Nakashima