Vivianne Moya Loyola

Vivianne Moya Loyola

Vivianne Moya Loyola
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Sheer to Your Heart Dress

This sheer, polka-dot dress is definitely the perfect combination of retro and trendy. Imagine wearing it with a black/colored lace bandeau for a trendy spin! & with a cardie, perfect for work


Freemason imagery in fashion, if you look closely.Baphomet head/horns, Freemason symbol, and an eye in a triangle.who's dress is this?

amber ruby

Fall in a bottle! - Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Amber im pretty sure u cant find this color anymore its probably that old but omg I need the color

very cute!

shirt belt skirt blue jean shirt clothes brown belt white skirts skirt shirt blouse white whiteskirt beautifull dress flowwy beautiful outfit casual look pretty skirt tan skirt jean shirt white skirt short skirt country look

Polka Dot Jeans.

Polka Dot Jeans - Yes or No? What do you think about polka dot jeans? Would you wear them? Photo by Atlantic-Pacific