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Ancient Franks, Merovingians, Carolingians And The Lombards

The Germanic tribes achieved conquest over a mix of people, including the Gauls, the Bretons, the Belges, and the Gascons. The Kingdom of the Franks expanded from Austrasia, established by the Merovingian dynasty. Their territory corresponded largely to ancient Gaul as well as Raetia, Germania Superior and Germania Magna. The Franks were Christianized during the 5th century.

Ancient Franks, Merovingians, Carolingians And The Lombards

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Ring, Gold decorated with filigree and set with pastes, 6th-7th century, Lombardy, Italy

Virgin of the Annunciation

Virgin of the Annunciation | South German | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child | German | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Medieval 'Hail Mary full of Grace' Heraldic Shield Pendant .Gilt,copper alloy,ca 13th-15th AD-The central motif is a heater shield within a pelletted border surronded by a Lombardic scrip legend "AVEMARIAGRACIE" (hail Mary full of Grace)

Merovingian Frankish Silver-Gilt Disc Brooch Pair, 6th century A.D. ~Other version of the "sun cross", in the form of an eight-spoked wheel (nothing to do with many wheel symbols used at the time in heraldry). This can be understood as a marking of cross-quarter days (midpoints between seasons) along with the four spokes of the equinoxes and solstices.

British Museum - jewellery 7c Merovingian disc brooch

Mid 6thC Merovingian gold finger ring with plain bezel. Saint Dizier, France.

The Ashmolean Museum. Photographs courtesy Lindsay Kerr. Cabinet F: No16 Pair of rectangular headed brooches, gilt silver. Frankish, 550-650, Andernach, Germany ~ The brooches The earth and world as it was known, at that time, depicted here as the rectangle, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The triangles are an ancient representation of birth, death and rebirth. The abstract dragon is symbolic of protection

Finger Ring Date: 4th-7th century Culture: Langobardic ~ The symbol of all ring is infinity, never ending in their shape as a circle. The round setting may be the sun; with the garnet representing protection. The garnet gets its name from the Latin word for pomegranate, I believe, which also could give the stone the ancient attributes of the pomegranate ---fruitfulness, learning and wisdom.

Finger Ring | Langobardic | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Trossingen grave 58 Maple lathed construction chair. (Archaeological Museum of Baden-Württemberg. Photo: Manuela Schreiner) The chair is made from European maple. Manufacture of similar Alamannen furniture is discussed within'' Holzhandwerk der Alemannen'' Peter Paulsen und Helga Schach-Dörges, Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart 1972.

A Frankish cloisonne disc brooch with garnets, "rosette" brooch. Made of silver with eight shaped garnet petals, the "waffer" gold foil visible beneath, the central stone now missing. German or French, ca 6th century AD. 20 mm diameter

Meroving silver gilt brooch, with inlaid garnets in the shape of a raven (a symbol of the pagan god Wodin). ca 450 A.D. The back is left silver and has similar brooch fitting as Roman brooches have.

Meroving silver gilt brooch/cloak pin | PeterSzuhay

Boucle wisigothique provenance: Couvent de Santa Clara. Beja chronologie: Époque wisigothique. Ve siècle apr. J.-C. typologie: Boucle en .or et grenats

Museu Nacional de Arqueologia | collections

Bertrada of Laon, also called Bertha Broadfoot (cf. Latin: Regina pede aucae i.e. the queen with the goose-foot) - began rule November 751 as sole-Queen consort of the Franks, end rule September 768 when her husband, Pepin the Short, died. She was the mother of Charlemagne. ---- Statue located in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France. Can't find date of make. My 39th Great Grandmother (previous pinner)

The Iron Crown of Charlemagne between 700 and 780 AD.

Javelin Head, 500-600. Made in, Niederbreisig, Germany. Frankish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1917 (17.193.166) #Olympics #London2012

Javelin Head | Frankish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Vienna Coronation Gospels represent one of the most beautiful manuscripts of the Middle Ages and a major work of court art at the time of Charlemagne. The book consists of 236 purple-dyed vellum leaves with text written in gold and silver ink. Each of the four Gospels begins with a painted portrait of the respective Evangelist. Ca. 800-1200 AD

Shield of the Trinity," in the British Museum, which turns out to be ...

merovingian symbols - Yahoo Search Results

The Talisman of Charlemagne ~ the Christian cross.

Talisman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Brooch Date: last quarter 6th century Culture: Frankish. Sun wheel in the center.

Rosette Brooch | Frankish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Signet ring pyramidal.Lieu creation: Merovingian Gaul. Late 6th - early 7th century.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais - Search Result

Placca in oro raffigurante guerriero Longobardo, inizio VII sec. - inv. 925

Si apre la grande mostra sui Longobardi a Torino

@CODAapeldoorn: #Gouden hanger met geometrische versiering. 525-575 A.D. Komt uit het Frankische grafveld te Loenen.

merowingerzeit | Völkerwanderungszeit und Merowingerzeit

Römische Kaiserzeit im freien Germanien

longobarde | Pinned by Karen Childs

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