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Dara wrapped her arms around me, that slight spark running along my arms. She giggled, leaning into me, as I rested a hand on her. "I love you.again, wishing I can draw

This is very true. Though we go through dark periods in our lives, they lead to terrific days.

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(Open RP.I'm the girl) I look at the mural sketch I did. I put my hand under my chin and he walks up. He puts his chin on my head. "Is it equal?" I ask him. "Yep" he says and obviously doesn't care. I still didn't get it. How was the boy who always got in trouble and ditched class friends with me, the shy artsy girl who hated big crowds and never missed school. "Hey. You zoned out" he says. I blink. "Oh. Sorry" I say to him. Then he does something that surprises me. He wrapped his arms…

Bruce and Sarah "Does it look lopsided? "Don't know, don't care," he told her, and laid his chin on top of her head. Never seen this anime but as a couple they're adorable.

Boho Chic...

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