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Join the Peace Corps!

My spouse and I joined the Peace Corps in our mid-fifties. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend others take the leap. It will change you in amazing ways. (We were in Ukraine 2005-2007.)

Join the Peace Corps!

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10 Reasons to Hire a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer - check out this article...Returned PCVs (RPCVs) really are likely to have strong character traits...they can be flexible, deal with autonomy, communicate despite language barriers, innovate and soooo much more!

10 Reasons to Hire a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer | National Peace Corps Association

Another Peace Corps poster...

Print | Peace Corps

No, there isn't an app for this!

Leaving was very hard - they got it right! Peace Corps Ukraine 2005-2007.

Spread the word - there are opportunities for a diverse group of people in Peace Corps!

Peace Corps wants well rounded individuals so get some community volunteer experience too! It is never too late to apply - some of the best PCVs have decades of experience!

ALL MY EYES: Peace Corps Posters

Comfort zone? what's that again?

You owe it to yourself to test out your wings and see if you can fly. Peace Corps is a great way to give back and to continue growing and learning. At any age...even in your 80s!

You can serve at ANY apply already! If not now, when? "Lillian Carter, Peace Corps Volunteer and mother of President Jimmy Carter, works as a nurse in a hospital in India. 1968"

Kudos to all the Peace Corps Volunteers - hope you are all doing Third Goal stuff till the end of your days!

Love this - My spouse and I were in Peace Corps Ukraine - learned a lot about this love of vodka!

This is what Peace Corps is all about - getting YOU into the place to make some magic happen! And it will proabably happen in unexpected ways!

You will learn a lot about matter how old you are.

It is an amazing experience - I am glad I did it!

  • Jennifer Online
    Jennifer Online

    How long did you do it?

  • Virginia ("Ginn") Pulver
    Virginia ("Ginn") Pulver

    I was in Ukraine 27 months - that's how long the assignments are. But I was actually seperated from Peace Corps - medievaced out with breast cancer and went back on my own dime to finish up my committment.

12 reasons to date a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer: 1.We can woo you in multiple languages. Who else is going to whisper sweet nothings to you in everything from Albanian to Hausa to Quechua to Xhosa? That’s right. Only a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. 2.We’re pretty good dancers. Yeah, we don’t like to brag, but after 27 months in Latin America or Africa we know how to move it. 3.We’ll eat anything. Seriously. No matter how bad your cooking, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have had worse and will eat it with nary a blink. Sheep’s eyeball? Water buffalo gall bladder? Grasshoppers? Bush rat? Bring it. 4.We know all about safe sex, thanks to our very thorough Peace Corps health training. In fact, there’s a chance that we’ve stood unblushingly in front of hundreds of villagers and demonstrated good condom technique with a large wooden phallus. 5.We’ll kill spiders for you. Well, actually, we’ll nonchalantly scoop them up and put them out of sight. Same goes for mice, geckos, frogs, snakes. Critters don’t faze Returned Volunteers. 6.We have great date ideas: wandering a street market, checking out a foreign film, taking in a world music concert, volunteering…. Romantic getaway? Our passport is updated and our suitcase is packed. With us, life is always an adventure. 7.We like you for “you”… not your paycheck. Especially if we are freshly back from service, a local joint with “character” will win out over a pretentious eatery. Living in a group house? Does it have running hot water? What luxury! 8.You won’t get lost when you’re with a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Navigating local markets on four continents, we’ve honed an uncanny sense of direction. Or else we’ll ask for directions. We’re not afraid to talk to “strangers.” 9.Waiting for a late train or bus? Don’t worry, we’ve been there, done that. We can share lots of funny stories about “the bus ride from hell” that will make the time go quickly and put it all into perspective. 10.Our low-maintenance fashion style. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer guys are secure in their manhood and don’t mind rocking a sarong. Women often prefer flip flops to high heels. We don’t spend hours in front of a mirror getting ready to go out. 11.Marry us, and you won’t just get one family — you’ll get two! When we refer to our “brother” or “mom,” you’ll want to be certain we’re talking about our American one or our Peace Corps one. You might even get two wedding ceremonies, one in the U.S. and one back in our Peace Corps country. 12.And last but not least, we aren’t afraid to get dirty.

Good advice no matter what you pursue.

Peace Corps Poster - 2007 - Life is calling. How far will you go?

50th Anniversary Photo Contest: Sharing American Culture Overseas. (We worked introducing high speed internet at libraries in Ukraine!)

  • Cate DePrisco
    Cate DePrisco

    I took this in Moldova :)

Now that you have a degree, get an education. Talk it over with the Peace Corps. (Psssst! Not everyopne who joins actually has a degree - but they do have lots of experience!)

Telling the world about your Peace Corps experience -> invite a Peace Corps volunteer to speak at your community event!

This just made me laugh! Take the risk and find out what it's really like! (NOTE: Peace Corps is spelled with an "s" on the end - good idea to spell it right if you are planning to join.)

Glass Half Full - Vintage Peace Corps Print Public Service Announcement. #Peace Corps

This ad is from 2006... #Peace Corps #Ads

A little humor! Actually you must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. In fact, approximately 90% of the jobs require a 4-year degree. Competitive non-degree candidates must have 3–5 years full-time work experience. There are many volunteers who are in their 60s, 70s and beyond. #Peace Corps

Another Peace Corps promo. #Peace Corps #Coffee #Ad

"Make America a better place. LEAVE the country." - a favorite vintage Peace Corps poster. They do have some great ads! #Peace Corps #Ad #Poster