Hacking Raspberry Pi #RasPi

Hacking Raspberry Pi

It labels each pin and can be placed directly onto the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Leaf: A Simple Reference for Raspberry Pi Pins

How to build a Raspberry Pi Car

Many people have asked us to make a guide on how to build Raspberry Pi Car, so we decided to make a short video, in which we show how to build it in a few mi.

Alamode-01 Raspberry/Arduino bridge

New Product: AlaMode Arduino-Compatible Shield for Raspberry Pi

M33_RaspberryPi_Opener -- Simple Sound Board for the Rasberry Pi

Making a Simple Soundboard with Raspberry Pi

Gizmodo University: The Bright Ideas Behind LED's

University: The Bright Ideas Behind LED's

In this week's Gizmodo University: Discover Electronics, we're diving headfirst into the principle theories of electronics. The second of four classes in this series, "Volts, Amps, and Ohms" is presented in conjunction with Sparkle Labs.