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Posters, flyers & covers of my bands, Prague Industrial Festival of Ars Morta Universum and other events.
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Vladimír Hirsch - Organ Concerto No.2 "Horae" op.90 at Žižkostel, Prague, Czechia. #prague #czechia #posters #flyers #music #vladimirhirsch

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Ars Komplex 2008

Pragomania in Dresden (Vladimír Hirch & VO.I.D), 2005

Introscan 2014 (Subpop Squeeze)

Choral Autobiographies, Citta del Nettuno, Italy, 2014

Zwischenmensch stageplay poster (music by Vladimír Hirsch)

Messiah Komplex 2012

Introscan 2007 (Ars Morta Universum)

Underlying Scapes - album live premiere

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