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Hermes, Euro, Mens Wallet

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This bifold wallet is handcrafted from durable full-grain leather, featuring 4 inside card pockets and a full-width pocket to hold your bills. The cross pocket design is slim yet functional with a pla

Veszelyite crystals                                                                                                                                                      More

Gorgeous Geology Terminated and lustrous crystals of blue-green Veszelyite from Black Pine Mine, Philipsburg, Granite County, Montana, USA. was so amazed when I found out this is how pyrite is situated naturally in our world--I thought there must be the greatest machines out there turning out these perfect cubes--and all the time it was natural for them to form this way--my eyes were opened

Nature creates perfect cubes of pyrite. Also known as fool’s gold, as with a lot of other minerals, its “crystal habit” encourages growth into a specific shape–and in pyrite’s instance, it’s a cube.