Im trying this!

Life as a Schoolhouse: The Great Pattern-less Skirt. Easy sewing project and great way to make multiples of favorite wardrobe pieces.


Perfect hairdo for the New Years evening! Wear it up with in a low bun with a elegant side braid

Long and Healthy hair

15 Positively Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster ...

Want your hair longer? 7 Effective Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

I will wear this for my wedding... eventually.

disney wedding dresses: cinderella im not into the disney dress thing but the top of this is so pretty:) take me with you when you do you dress shopping!


Adam Levine tattoos are considerably popular. Levine wears quite a few tattoos that represent his span with Maroon Out of all his most commendable tattoo is on his left arm which he did in remembrance of

That's what she said. ;D

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“That’s What.” – She Shirt awesome , creative , fun and personal gift - gifts

Bahaha! :D

😂😂😂😂literally dying 😂😂 sing the batman tune but switch out 'batman' for 'breast milk' and that's what makes it so god damn funny😂😂😂😂😂

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