Fox Stamp

Fox Stamp

UK vintage Fox Stamp Rumor has it that the little babyblue house where live our foxes is stirring with pre-Spring promises of a sighting.

The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, 1901

indigodreams: Henry Justice Ford ~ Book Cover ~ The Violet Fairy Book ~ 1901 ~ via The Pictorial Arts

Moby Dick Rockwell Kent Framed Book Spine Print Wall Art 10" x 40"— Made in USA by MUSEUM OUTLETS

Moby Dick Rockwell Kent Book Spine Print Framed Wall Art, giclee print of enlarged antique book spine, framed in thin gold vintage frame. made in USA by MUSEUM OUTLETS

British Isles

Squirrel Stamp

Tom Frost Squirrel Stamp Print: 'Squirrel Stamp' hand pulled limited edition screen print by Tom Frost. -'Squirrel Stamp' print, a 'Mammals of the British Isles' themed print. -Signed and numbered by the artist -Edition of 70

Vintage poster for Kew Gardens via @PWCFreelance

Phil Waddicor on

London Transport Museum Simplistic but oh so beautiful. Fabulous poster for trips to Kew Gardens from a time when it cost a visitor "thruppence" to enter. Up until a couple of decades ago it cost a similar amount .