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I love this episode. I dazzle and stretch all the time just to weird people out. Lol

Seriously the best episode of psych. I was watching it and was laughing so hard I was crying my mom asked me what was so funny and I showed her. She's been hooked ever since.

Things #Psych Has Taught Me #2

Things #Psych Has Taught Me #2

Things Psych has taught me

Slumber Party Activities Pranks: is known in certain exclusive circles as Pranking Primetime. Take advantage by executing a classic "whipped cream facial" or "frozen underwear" gambit.

psych psych. So awesome. Shawn and I must know the same people..

Keeping Secrets from Your Best Friend Rock But saying you're best friends and being best friends are two different things. It's Hard to know that, when you're surrounded by users you can't see the real thing

How one man can be so brilliant but also not so brilliant some times is beyond me. Lol.

Or in Supernatural: "I've killed more demons than I can count. Because I've killed a lot of demons. Not because I can't count very high.