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How to Treat Your Feet: Get The Right Fit With Your Footwear

How to build strong and flexible feet. These 5 exercises will help you build strong feet and possibly avoid painful foot injuries like Plantar Fasciitis.

Hamstring Stretches To Improve Flexibility

Hamstring Stretches To Improve Flexibility

Hamstring Stretches To Improve Flexibility - Your Daily Dance

stretching for splits (these are awesome and are improving my flexibility)

Stretching Yoga for the splits. Stretches are the basic ways to make our body flexible and agile.

Split Challenge | Tarnya Carrier

Split Challenge

Starting in June I am going to do a split challenge. I am not flexible at all and would really love to be able to do a split. I am inspired by my daughter who can do amazing splits and she’…

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Split stretches for home

A bit difficult but i think is really effective.

This is a good balanced dance workout! Definitely do this amazing dance workout.

exersises for those splits

Learn How To Pole Dance From Home With Amber's Pole Dancing Course. Why Pay More For Pricy Pole Dance Schools?

How to Train Muscles for Lifting Legs Higher : Useful Exercise (this would be terrible ballet)

How to Train Muscles for Lifting Legs Higher in Ballet : Useful Exercise Tips

Fanning Tuck Jump

A thorough tutorial and demonstration how to execute or improve a Fanning Tuck Jump. Check out more of our videos for tutorials, drills, and demonstrations!

You can learn a Switch Firebird leap from watching this video. Just For Kix Dances explain all types of dance moves.

Spice up your switch leap with the firebird position. Please excuse me while I start stretching.

Strengthening Body Shapes - Tony Retrosi - YouTube

Active flexibility and leap/jump dynamic leg training

Learn to do splits

Learn How To Do Splits In 2 Weeks! i will print this. i will put this with my daily exercise routine. I WILL DO THE SPLITS AGAIN! I used to be able to do them in high school. times have changed :( I will regain my long lost ability!

Large Group Conditioning - YouTube

New Chiropractic Options Available at Injury Medical and Chiropractic Clinic.

Advanced Across the Floor Jazz Combo

Brittany Jackson shared a video

the moves of Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse was one of the most iconic Broadway choreographers of all time. He helped show that dance ability is extremely important in a musical theater career.

Best video to help with dance technique.

15 minute kids dance class with Krista Miller