Psychology of Color

Colors can affect mood, emotion and even behavior. Discover the influential effects color can have and learn how to use color to help set the mood in your home.
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Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

La psychologie des couleurs

Sunshine Yellow: An Uplifting Hue - The Psychology of Color: Choose the Right Shade on HGTV

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The Meaning Behind Color - What Choice Evokes t...

The Meaning Behind Color - What Choice Evokes t...

Diagram explaining Harbisson's idea of colour to sound. Image by

The Sound of Colour | Haft2

Advertising And Color Psychology Infographic

Advertising And Color Psychology |

Left brain VS Right Brain

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Color ROI: It's All About Psychology

Color plays a key role in branding and reputation - colors of the web and the brands that incorporate them into their logos info graphic

The Most Powerful Colors in the World [infographic]

What’s Your Birth Color? (Chart)

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This Old House: Choose Paint Colors with a Color Wheel

Choose Paint Colors With a Color Wheel

plutchik's wheel of emotions

Oscillatory Thoughts: How casinos distract

The Secret Language of Color: Science, Nature, History, Culture, Beauty of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet

The Secret Language of Color

color psychology...I'm feeling confident today!

-Just be spLendid- — color psychology


20 Ways to Use Color Psychology in Your Home

Color Psychology

What to Wear to a Job Interview

paintings colors!

I Waste So Much Time

A funny- yes there are diifferences btwn men and women! Women vs. Men on naming colors. yeah... this is hilarious

Color Naming - 9GAG

How Color Affects Our Purchases [infographic]

How Color Affects Our Purchases [infographic]

What Your Web Design Says About You #infographic #web #design #color

What Your Web Design Says About You (Infographic) - Six Revisions

#socialmedia #colors #infographic

Colors of the Social World (Wide Web) [Infographic + Video]

Marketo-true-colors-918x3235.png (918×3235)

True Colors, Branded Colors

Psychology of Color

La psychologie des couleurs dans le Webdesign